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Meet Mel

Melissa Cabey Artist and Nutritionist Lifestyle Shot

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Melissa Cabey offers a unique approach to lifestyle nutrition through her experience as a professional musical theatre performer and certified pilates instructor. Creator of the coveted “Trader Joe’s Ultimate Well Balanced Week”, Melissa helps on-the-go artists to transition from nutritional struggle city to being what she has coined, a Not-So-Starving Artist, through cost-effective, lifestyle-accommodating meal plans and nutritional guidance.

Unique Background

After earning her BFA in Musical Theatre, Melissa went on to work multiple cruise ship and national/international tour contracts. This challenged her nutrition norms left and right: from having to eat every meal at a cruise ship buffet, to navigating the Japanese food scene while on the international tour of A Chorus Line. She was (and still is!) faced with the challenge of the grueling schedules of audition season in NYC, and the tight budget that comes along with it.

These are challenges encountered uniquely by performers, and for those performers, Melissa believes nutrition needs to be a priority -- even when it's tough to do!

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"Your body is your instrument, and if you want it to perform -- and keep being able to perform -- you have to nourish it right."

- Mel Cabey

Melissa Cabey at home with healthy fruit

Holistic Approach

Taking a holistic approach to nutrition, Melissa helps her clients take control of not only their food intake, but also their stress levels and thinking patterns.


"It's not just about the macros. Negative energy can manifest physically, and if we want a fine-tuned instrument, we have to learn to control the energy we allow into it."


With her personal experience and tangible passion for helping her fellow performers live healthy lives, Melissa's nutritional program offerings are accessible and result-driven. 

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