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With each program you will get:

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A personalized nutrition program that is unique to YOU and your needs. I will take into account your current eating habits and lifestyle, and together we can develop healthy eating habits not only for your current situation, but habits that you can carry with you beyond!​

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​I will take into account your weekly stresses, sleeping patterns, and routine so that I can best provide a nutrition program that works for you.  We will focus on creating a healthy mindset around nutrition as well body image.  I use many different techniques to manage stress and negative thinking patterns, and we can integrate these into your nutrition program.

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No food is off limits!  I truly believe in enjoying everything in moderation.  Yes, that even means that you can enjoy a Mcdouble or a chocolate shake every now and then. We are working on creating a sustainable lifestyle, and we want that lifestyle to be enjoyable!​

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​With my certification from AFPA’s Nutrition and Wellness program, I am constantly keeping myself updated and educated on nutrition through their alumni resource center.  I will always have the most up to date information on fad diets, new studies, and evidence based approaches to weight loss and muscle gain.

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1 hr

In these one on one coaching sessions, I will provide you with a strong foundation as well as step by step guidance to assist you in achieving your goals.  Nutrition is a journey, and by having the correct knowledge and inspiration, you will be able to maintain your goals for a lifetime.

*Who is this for?




Nutrition and Wellness Coaching With Mel

Someone who is looking to take a step towards better health, but wants the freedom to book consultations at their leisure. The ball is in your court, so there is no pressure to provide progress updates to Mel unless YOU want to.

1 hr x 2 Times a Month

*What do you get?




2 sessions/month

Personalized meal plans

Check ins in between

coachings through email

*Who is this for?


Mel's Twice a Month Program

Someone who is ready to make nutritional changes and is looking for a more structured program that can hold them accountable. You can renew every month for as long as you need.


for performance arts majors

*What do you get?




1 1/2 hour seminar geared towards performance majors

Gain the knowledge you need to remain healthy and strong during and after school

Discounted 1 on 1 sessions

How do I get my school to do this?

Send me an email connecting me with one of your professors at the program! I will send them my Seminar Outline and we can discuss from there how we can personalize the seminar for your school.



The College Seminar

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